The W22 project started in 2020 on the occasion of BOENICKE‘s 22nd anniversary.


This playback instrument represents the culmination of our current in-house expertise with creating very distinctive signature loudspeakers.


Hence it incorporates a number of unique features found exclusively in this model.



  • Accoya or Mahogany solid-wood enclosure with customer-selectable solid wood side panels on proprietary Swing Base flotation.
  • Furutech FT-816 speaker terminals.
  • Lessloss Coaxial hookup wiring.
  • Duelund Tinned Copper Pio Cast and Audio Consulting custom-made bypass tweeter capacitor.
  • Custom AER cone tweeter of high 101 dB @ 2.83 V/m sensitivity with ultra-linear response, powder-coated bell-bronze curved baffle, friction-free suspension, paper voice coil former, special aluminium-alloy voice coil wire, double C37 lacquered foam-surrounded carbon membrane, bell-bronze phase plug, Harmonix RF 5700 on magnet and speaker terminal.
  • Audax rear tweeter.
  • Custom Supravox 285 mid/woofer with bell-bronze phase plug, C37 lacquered cellulose diaphragm, paper voice-coil former and aluminium voice coil, both C37 lacquered. No electrical crossover.
  • Proprietary suspension mechanism for the mid/woofer and tweeter.
  • Proprietary linearization network for acoustical phase.
  • 16 x LessLoss Firewall filters per speaker.
  • Boenicke Audio ComDev inside.
  • Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature inside.
  • 4 Latest-gen Bybee Quantum filters inside.
  • Latest-gen double series and single parallel resonators on bass-midrange and tweeter drivers.
  • 600W Class D module with programmable DSP for active bass amplification.
  • Twin 15-inch long-throw woofers in sealed enclosure, DSP-time-aligned to exactly one cycle behind passive mid/woofer.
  • All parts treated with our proprietary Harmonisation process.

Worldwide shipping and personal set-up by Sven Boenicke himself included in price.