Corner Cure


An unobtrusive, overpaintable and effective room tuning device, which reduces reverberation time and echo by eliminating the right angles in the corners of most conventionally shaped rooms.  This, in turn, creates a more pleasant acoustic room climate, which becomes apparent even while simply speaking in an empty room otherwise being quite reverberant.

Therefore, it is well suited not only for your listening room but also for other spaces such as conference rooms, dining halls, offices, restaurants, etc..

It comes with a 3-D printed wall bracket to be affixed into the actual corner with 3 removable adhesive tesa Powerstrips (included).

83 CHF per piece.

Made from recycled PET.


“…Sofort nach Installation bemerkte meine Frau, dass sich schon allein beim Sprechen die Raumakustik deutlich positiv verändert hat. Sprache ist viel klarer und deutlicher wahrnehmbar, besonders wenn mehrere Personen sich unterhalten…


Aber das beste ist das Musikerlebnis. Vorher nie dagewesener kristallklarer Klang. Instrumente und Stimmen sind wesentlich detailreicher und klar voneinander getrennt. Musikdetails, die vorher nur verschwommen wahrnembar waren, sind nun glasklar zu höhren. Man erhält für relativ wenig Geld einen riesigen musikalischen Zugewinn.
Danke für dieses tolle Zubehör.”

“…Immediately after installation, my wife noticed that room acoustics have changed significantly and positively, even just when speaking. Speech is much clearer and more perceptible, especially when several people are talking simultaneously.

But the best part is the musical experience. Previously unheard of crystal clear sound. Instruments and voices are much more detailed and clearly separated. Musical details that were previously blurry are now crystal clear. You get a huge performance boost for relatively little money.
Thank you for this great accessory.”

Hans-Udo Brodner, Germany