Power Gate


“…In my world, Boenicke’s newcomer has now positioned itself at the very top of the heap right next to the Ansuz A2 power package. It also brilliantly addressed the question on how far this breed’s sonics can be pushed if compromises are cast aside.

It takes a particular mind to author a product this exotic, purist and wickedly good. My compliments to Sven for not taking any prisoners, walking to his own drummer and landing such a whale!”

Dawid Grzyb, HifiKnights.com

review appearing on 6.moons.com


Power Gate is our solution for the very best in electrical power conditioning / distribution.

For everything in this picture, the plug or screw contacts have been reduced to their absolute minimum – zero.



Why is that worth mentioning?

Because plug or screw contacts even between apparently mirror-polished surfaces aren’t what they seem. Just view them under a microscope. They’re anything but smooth. The contact surface between plug and receptacle is actually pitted to raise the impedance and be prone to micro arcing. With power transmission, such contact resistance is even more detrimental to performance than it is for signal transmission. That’s because power transmission can demand high peak currents that must be delivered instantaneously. Wherever stranded Litz wires terminate screwed down inside a power plug, inevitable oxidation over time renders them subject to sonic degradation and safety concerns. Copper oxide has semiconductor properties. Those properties act as a radio-frequency receiver. Soldering all our connections with 10% Audio Consulting silver solder fixes these problems for good and generates a leap up in sound quality over power distributors with screw contacts, where each and every such contact add up.

What’s inside a Power Gate?

  • 4 x Lessloss Firewall 64X mechanical inline filters
  • Bybee Quantum Purifier AC bullets
  • 1 x series resonator, 2 x parallel resonators
  • 1 x virtual earth noise-drain module
  • all contacts soldered with 10% silver solder
  • 4 x Furutech FI-E30 Schuko outlets
  • from zero to seven of our M2 power cords mounted directly to the device to power your components
  • 1 x M2 power cord hardwired to the device to plug into your wall


Power Gate can be configured to your exact needs with the right number of hardwired power cords (up to 7), with their lengths and the length of the input power cord as per your specifications.

The wooden enclosure is treated to meet B2 fire protection standards.

Dimensions: 45 x 11 x 7cm WxDxH

Available in solid oak or walnut.

From 7’960 CHF incl. 7.7% VAT (includes the 1m input power cord, no output power cords)
4’250 per hardwired M2 power cord


The perfect marriage between conductors and the massive high-purity copper pins is not screwed, but a 10% silver solder connection.


A special construction made from natural felt keeps the live from both neutral and earth conductors at a defined and steady distance. Conductors are the highly regarded, multiple award winning noise-cancelling Lessloss C-MARC coaxial cables, consisting of 384 individually insulated strands with a total conductive cross sectional area of 4.6 mm² per polarity.

C-MARC™ is a new type of Litz wire. C-MARC’s™ noise reduction is based on the bucking coil method using two counter-polarized coils. Every strand’s clock-wise turn aligns with a corresponding counter-clockwise turn of exactly mirrored diameter and step. The two resulting counter-polarized coils are mutually superposed. A second-scale fractal replication of the already bucking coils is then repeated. Through electrical cancellation of the induced noise, C-MARC™ provides an enormous signal-to-noise ratio in today’s demanding environment.