“…What downstairs had been categorically spectacular was perfectly good upstairs; just without the twin-turbo adrenaline…

…Why bother with more? An award was thus self-effectuating…”

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.com





“…The svelte W8s supplied the most precise yet expansive imaging and soundstage I have yet to experience in my living / listening room…

…The combination of an essentially colourless signal chain and the crazy good little Boenicke transducers performed that magic trick few speakers can pull off: they disappeared…

Yet with skillfully produced material, the sprit of Apollo was summoned, enveloping me in a perfume of harmoniously presented, simply beautiful music. If I had a magic lantern housing a benevolent and easily amused djinn and asked her for the boon of a high performance loudspeaker in a handsome family-friendly package… Abracadabra, a pair of W8s would miraculously appear! Not only would my wish be granted, but I’d have to give props to my genie for her astute good taste.
The Boenicke W8 is our latest HIGH NINES award winner.”

Oliver Masciarotte, Audio Key Reviews (page 80)

Award pdf

“…Voices are a total stand out too. Anyone who loves vocals, be they solo or massed, is going to be blown away by what they hear. The sense of voices being suspended in the air is superb and the classic singer-songwriter with sparse accompaniment speaks in such a intimate, personal and eloquent way that it’s precious and indeed memorable. Add strings to the mix and the W8SE+will again wow you. Something very special happens to bowed instruments through the Boenicke W8 SE+…”

Chris Thomas, hifi+

“…Was able to spend quite some time with the W8s on the weekend. I find them absolutely spectacular. What you have achieved with this little speaker is amazing, I absolutely love them. I listened to some music I have never really understood what the fuss was about before.

“So what” from Miles Davis. I mean, before, yes it sounded ok, but I was never drawn into the music before. On the W8s I understand now. It’s the imaging and tone that really let you hear just how good the players actually are – somehow their interaction is captured more. I have never listened to a whole song on that album, yet this time I listened to the whole album front to back. Also these speakers are the first to really give the feeling of a real orchestra – of course the tone, but it’s the dynamics, room ambiance and weight of the orchestra that they get so right…”

David Byrne, Switzerland

“Den Traumlautsprecher im Ohr…”

Report von Peter Jahn, Analogue Audio Association Switzerland

“…the speakers produced a huge soundstage and excellent, grounded sound with a standout midrange. I may not be a huge Leonard Cohen fan, but his “You Want it Darker” sounded stellar…”

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile.com

“With the proper amplification and the right tracks, a pair of Boenicke speakers will outperform almost anything that you’ve ever heard.”

“Wenn es einen Lautsprecherentwickler und -hersteller gibt, der es in den letzten Jahren mit seinen außergewöhnlichen Kreationen geschafft hat, sich nachhaltig ins Gedächtnis der Audiophilen zu brennen, dann Sven Boenicke.”

Thomas Schmidt, HIFI Lautsprecher Test-Jahrbuch 2019

“A giant killer…”

hi-fi news

“The Boenicke W8s do absolutely glorious things to the voices of female vocalists…”

Ernest Denman, Australian HiFi

“But what really makes it all click with a proper bang and make these speakers very unique is their imaging capabilities. This aspect is literally out of this world…”

Dawid Grzyb, 6moons.com / hifiknights.com

“Sven Boenicke é o bom rebelde do áudio que veio ‘abanar’ as estruturas do poder instalado.”

José Victor Henriques, hificlube.net

“Muy recomendables”

José Manuel Delgado, hifilivemagazine.com

“Maybe in some subconscious way Sven Boenicke goes beyond just hearing the live event…”


Quite simply the most stunning pair of small floorstanding speakers we have heard – be prepared to be amazed.”

John Roberts, Midland Audio Exchange

“…der Sound ist eine Wucht. Und auch die Schönheit der Lautsprecher. Meine Frau und ich hören Musik zusammen. Das ist eine Premiere. Wir hören Beethoven, Mozart, Dvořák, ACDC, Metallica, Sade, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lorde, London Grammar… Und der Sound, Ihr Soundteppich macht süchtig…”

Joachim Söhnen, Deutschland

“…glass-clear purity which makes it incredibly easy to follow even the smallest details. It comes from the bottom of the bass to the brightest tones…”

Roy Ervin Solstad, Hifi+ (Review in Norwegian)

“Given the construction of the speaker it might not be too surprising to discover that it handles stringed instruments in a way that makes most rivals sound like a bedside radio, but its performance with voices is such that it gets you wondering if Boenicke has also found a way to equip the W8 with lungs…”

Ed Selley, HIFI Choice

“…Dasselbe Spielchen könnte man auch mit dem Standlautsprecher W8 machen. Optisch nicht mehr als ein schmales Handtuch, akustisch geballte Wucht, die den unvorbereiteten Hörer mit offenem Mund staunend innehalten und überlegen lässt, wo diese Farbenpracht mit ehernem Fundament wohl herkommt. Ein schier unfassbarer Lautsprecher, der sich mühelos auch in größeren Räumen durchsetzen kann…”

Fidelity Magazin

“Der Herzensöffner”

Amré Ibrahim, image hifi (Deutscher Testbericht)

image hifi (English Review)

“…It was an fantastic experience – and as i can say it was the first time in my life to see a really tiny speaker sounding as loud as a hungry T-Rex…”

Hendra Wijaya

Hifi & Home Theater AUDIO

Review in Korean

Fullrange passion Audio community

Review in Korean

Tokyo High End 2015 Show Report

Report Movie


Left to right: Walnut, Ash, Oak, Cherry.


Standard Version: Height adjustable felt-pad footers.


Optional silver or black mat powder coated SwingBase feet in the rear, bronze / steel roller bearing in the front.

More info on SwingBase here


W8SE+ Testbericht / 360° presentation

high quality pictures

lower quality pictures



Sensitivity: 84 – 88 dB / watt / m depending on frequency

Nom. impedance: 4 ohms



Standard Version

  • 6.5″ long throw bass driver, tuned to 28 Hz, running without crossover
  • 4″ custom-made paper cone bass-midrange driver, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, apple tree phase plug, maple wood cone mounted to magnet
  • 3″ widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique 2-cm copper gold electromechanical parallel straight resonator installed
  • Internal wiring orientation-optimised silk-wrapped high-frequency stranded litz
  • WBT NextGen binding posts
  • Rear ambient tweeter
  • Harmonisation included

SE Version

  • Added 2-cm copper gold electromechanical parallel straight resonator to bass-midrange driver
  • Added latest generation Bybee Quantum Purifiers
  • Added proprietary phase linearization network
  • Added Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Swing Base included
  • Harmonisation included

SE+ Version

  • 2-cm copper / 2-cm copper gold straight resonator combination installed at both widebander and bass driver in series, in addition to the parallel device
  • Added Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature
  • Added Harmonix Tuning Bases to widebander
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil main capacitor for widebander with Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitor for rear tweeter
  • Swing Base included
  • Harmonisation included


Choose from walnut, oak, ash, core ash and cherry