S3 Speaker Cable

Picking the right ingredients to build a cable is one of the key factors for its sonic qualities.



Our cables only use materials and components of which we believe that they make as little sonic artifacts as possible: Multiple cryogenically treated, individually isolated 0.355 mm high frequency solid core copper wires in their correct orientation and unbleached cotton for further isolation and mechanical stability, vibrational damping and water molecules’ attraction. Be it due to the hydrophile properties of cotton or not, it clearly seems to be the best dielectric you can find, even superior to teflon, silk or wool. Using cotton in a cable construction is not a necessary evil (as isolators normally are), but its usage audibly enhances transmission quality. Our cables’ carbon fiber shielding is effective at reducing influences of EMI and RFI impacts.

Reducing the amount of metal within the conductors themselves or within the electromagnetic field around the conductors most effectively reduces eddie-current brake phenomenons, therefore smearing in the time domain is kept at a minimum. Designing this cable we only had one thing in mind: to offer a cable, terminated or bulk, with an unbeatable price / performance ratio. Try it out, money-back-guarantee.