Our first commercially available electronics product says “Hi!” to the world!

It cannot do much, but what it does is worth to find out about.

“…die p1 zeichnet sich eher durch Wärme aus, wie man sie von guten Class-A-Schaltungen kennt, gepaart mit sehr viel Kraft und eiserner Kontrolle…”

Amré Ibrahim, image hifi

“…Ich komme in einen quasimeditativen Zustand, lasse mich führen und höre Ton um Ton, wattigen Anschlag
um Attacke und versinke in Melodiereinheit und schier überirdischer Schönheit.”

Christian Bayer, LP

“…Listeners after an amp for their W5, W8 or W11 should audition Sven’s petite p1 prior to anything else. It absolutely works wonders on any of them. That’s a promise!”

Dawid Grzyb,
review appearing on

“…The bang-for-the-buck factor of the p1 is off the charts…”
Frank Peraino, The Sound Advocate

“…Fanciers of 45 kg class A behemoths like the recently reviewed 16’800 Euro 50wpc Gryphon Essence will be aghast that this makes 6 times their power for 5.5 times less cash. Of course they know that class A is a very different sonic proposition than class D could ever hope to be. But is it, really? …”
Srajan Ebaen,



“I have already learnt that everything audio that Sven Boenicke touches has a special vibe to it and this amazing little Amp is no different.
I tried matching my Boenicke Speakers with numerous Amps and setups before this little beauty came out. The clarity and presence on my W8SE have emerged to mind-blowing levels now. After years of listening, twitching and seeking the perfect sound, I think here I may have found the only Hifi system I need.
Thanks Sven!”
T.M., Switzerland

“Wauw, insane crisp sound, very articulated, fragile but powerful when needed, I’ve heard other amps, twice the cost of this one, who can not even compete with this one.
I love it. It grows on me, what a beast!”
Tim de Groote, Belgium

“I’m a lucky one, having recently acquired Boenicke’s new p1 amplifier.  It’s awesome!
I’m a month-in and am simply blown away!  I needed to replace a legacy McIntosh amp and required a much smaller footprint due to space constraints.  Already enjoying my Boenicke speakers, I e-mailed the company in search of advice and was met with a prompt response from Sven himself.  He suggested that, if patient, I could be an early adopter and trial his p1.  
My patience is richly rewarded, daily — the unit is so small yet so powerful, and it’s supremely transparent across my wide-ranging musical wanderings.  Thank you to the folks in Basel, I can’t wait to see what’s next!”
Jay Stout
Greenwich, USA

“p1 is the best gift you can give to your W5s, ever. It makes them shine in all possible aspects, effecting in both rendering an extraordinary number of details and creating an immersive, life-like soundstage, just like what all Boenicke products are known for.

Additionally, even though it is a miniature (quite literally, being the size of an actual Mac Mini) Class D amp, it still presents a very coherent design, without sacrificing the actual physics for DSP “magic” – something becoming of a rarity these days.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best possible amplification for your W5 setup (I’ve yet got to try it out with different speakers, but I’m sure that p1’s loads of power will handle quite a few), look no further – you’ve got it with the p1.”

Maciek Stanasiuk,
Regensdorf, Switzerland


  • 300 W into 8 Ohms
  • Mechanically tuned Powersoft amplifier module
  • Chord Company Shawline AC power cord directly soldered in (10% silver solder), no screwed or plugged contacts!
  • 3 LessLoss newest generation Firewall filters in AC input


  • Custom – made AC softstart module on FR2 circuit board, trimmed to exact resonator length
  • Bybee Small GOLD Slipstream Quantum Purifier filters in the audio input
  • 3 proprietary resonators installed (16-cm parallel spiral resonator, 16-cm series spiral resonator, new 2 cm series resonator)
  • ETI Research RCA input sockets
  • LessLoss internal cotton-covered wiring
  • Black Ravioli Small Pads feet
  • High-End, orientation optimised Refine Audio fuse installed with unique contact enhancing agent
  • Solid walnut backplate. No, aluminum does not sound the same.
  • Full Harmonisation


Weight: Approx. 4.3 kg with 1 m power cord

Idle consumption: 11 W

Input impedance: 11.5 kOhms

Enclosure dimensions: 69 mm height (75 mm at on / off wheel) / 202 mm depth / 230 mm depth

Black powder coated with 1 m power cord:
3’663 CHF incl. 7.7% VAT (3’400 net)

Silver anodized with 1 m power cord:
3’919 CHF incl. 7.7% VAT (3’639 net)

Add 120 CHF for UK power plug.

It is very important to have the Schuko power plug in the correct orientation! The red dot on the plug has to go to LIVE. If you are not sure where live is in your wall outlet, you have to measure it.