Many thanks to the entire team around Stefan Dreischärf of High End Society, our worldwide business partners and all the private visitors who visited our showroom and turned this year’s Munich fair into a great experience and success!




6moons show report (scroll down 70%)

“When asked what his favorite – or most surprising – Munich 2023 discovery was, “no surprises but Børresen’s X3 with Axxess Forté all-in-one was one awesome most memorable standout especially given price. Sven’s W22 with his own electronics was the other. These were my two highlights of the show.”

HiFi PiG

Sven Boenicke presented his flagship W22 speaker, a homage to the company’s 22nd anniversary, for the first time as a fully finished prototype. A fairly large speaker by Boenicke standards, it features all three drivers being suspended in the enclosure via a proprietary mechanism. Unusually for the brand, the 12-inch (ish) woofer is mounted on the front baffle rather than on one side, which gives the W22 rather different proportions – more akin to a classic B&W 801. The overwhelming first impression is that where the company´s smallest model W5 sounds huge for its size, this much bigger speaker manages to sound very agile and not overblown at all.

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Uwe Kirbach, image hifi

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“…So how does the W22 sound? In short, phenomenal!…”

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“Perhaps I have spent more time in concert halls recording live music than most other loudspeaker manufacturers.


Wherever I go, the tone of real instruments is with me.

In my memory, in my body – and I promise you can hear it in our products.”