“With our GreenHarmonia technology, after many years of research, we have managed to successfully transfer, permanently and unmanipulably, a special frequency and information pattern to metals.  Numerous tests in various listening environments definitively concluded that this information transfer has a profound effect on the performance of cables, electronics, loudspeakers, instruments and tuning products!



Through our research in the fields of electrosmog, water, water-information and health, synergies emerged, which we continued to further enhance by harmoniously building on each other. A core element of this process is implosion research with biophotons, following the example of Viktor Schauberger, through which we achieve a living energy-information transfer we call „Harmony-Transfer”, which in all modesty is unequivocally unique worldwide.

This is probably best described on a biophysical level as photon radiation, which uses light as a multi-dimensional information carrier.

We know that light created our world.  Therefore, we practice devotion to light in everything we create.

In this way, mind and body will return to their very own harmonious balance and creative power. Similarly, the same results can be accomplished in metals!

Among other things, we have recognized through luminescence research that not only water, according to the research of biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, but also metals have memory.  Consequently, like us, the latter can be permanently re-transferred into the harmony of natural law by photon implosion via an electric and magnetic field, that spreads out coherently over two counter-rotating tetrahedra instead of just oscillating toroidally. Neither freezing, nor strong heating, nor magnetic fields can influence the completed Harmonic Transfer.  The achieved Harmony (i.e., evenness, unison in ancient Greek) remains in the metal permanently.”

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How does this affect the produced sound? Instead of relying on words, we would like to let the actual listening experience speak to you – it’s well worth it!

Boenicke Audio is proud to be GreenHarmonia’s exclusive partner in the audio industry.

Please note:

From 1.1.2022 on all our products will automatically come Harmonised, except for the following products:

– W5 standard
– W8 standard
– IC1
– S1
– M2

Those 5 products can be obtained with Harmonisation on demand and upon surcharge.

We offer the service of Harmonisation for third parties and / or any client’s cables, electronic components and Loudspeakers, as long as they fit in the machine.

Harmonisation Prices:

– Speakers: 900 CHF per pair
– Anything else: 800 CHF