Laufer Teknik showed a wonderful setup, consisting of the brand new Nova Physics Memory Player on an active Halcyonics Isolation Platform (right),
two belcanto 1000 monoblocks for active bass-amplification (center bottom), the one and only prototype of the joint-venture amp project by Jack Bybee and Mike Vice (center top - you will hear A LOT about that amp in the near future...) and the highly praised Bybee Power Conditioner (left). Cabling by solidcoreaudio, Bybee and Transparent. Our SLS speakers.

Wonderful Jack Bybee...

...and Mike.

Clement Perry,

Reports / Comments:

by "Skiing Ninja":

"Boenicke Audio was recommended to me by some friends that had seen them at CES this past year.
Sven the company designer is a young man with a great potential in this business. He was showing the new SLS speaker and you would not believe the sound coming from this very thin and tall loudspeaker.
Inside there are CNC precision milled chambers that must be part of the secret. Both the Ninja and I were taken aback because to look at them you did not expect much.
They are so very wife friendly because of the size and slender design but so man approved with its balanced mids to highs and a powerful lower end that you could feel.
A great speaker and I am very interested to see more of their stuff at the upcoming CES."

by "Rjbond", diyAudio member:

"I was surprised by the world's skinniest multi-way BLH called the Audiomanufacture SLS. It looks like a skinnier Zigmahornet, but with two forward-facing drivers instead of one.
A total of 3 drivers on the side all feed into a BLH which exits to the floor. Zero damping inside. The whole thing is CNC'ed out of two blocks of walnut which are glued together.
The forward-facing drivers come in at 2k, the midrange fires at the sidewall. The midrange is much reflected sound, yet the imaging is somehow perfect (and stays when you walk around). Freaky good."

Wayne Donnelly, Enjoy The

"...Another fascinating loudspeaker was the Audio Manufacture SLS from Swiss manufacturer Boenicke Audio.
These unusual designs are roughly 6 feet tall, over a foot deep and 4 inches wide, with side-firing woofers loaded to a transmission line carved out of the gorgeously stained walnut cabinet .
It's been a while since I heard the old phrase "wife acceptance factor" bandied about, but I'm sure that good sound + visual appeal is still important in many buying decisions -- and the SLS looking like slender modern sculptures, get a great WAF score.

They presented vocals and string sounds as beautifully as anything I heard at the show, and threw a beautiful soundstage with pinpoint imaging.

Stay tuned -- Sven Boenicke is building me a review pair, so look for my review early in 2010.

During that session, the SLS speakers were driven by a new prototype amplifier co-developed by John Curl, Michael Vice and Jack Bybee. Production plans are not finalized, but I will be very interested in hearing the production version, as the prototype sounded superb."

Gary Lea,

"The Laufer Teknik / Audiomanufacture by Boenicke Audio room was showing a new ultra slim SLS speaker. Like all the Boenike designed speakers the cabinets are CNC machined completely out of beautiful hardwoods like walnut. This makes for very dense speakers that require a lot of extra effort to make sound correctly, much like the art of making a violin.
The speakers are beautiful to look at and also beautiful sounding. The new SLS will rate a very high WAF!"