Our US distributor's room, Laufer Teknik, NY.

Laufer Teknik provided some really nice gear:
Nova Physics Memory Player, Halcyonics active isolation platforms, Behold amplification, Bybee wiring. Audiomanufacture W20SE speakers.

Reports / Comments:

- stereotimes.com (quite on top of page)
- dagogo.com (scroll down about 10%)
- stereomojo (scroll to center of page)
- Comment by "Arthurs", Audiocircle: "...and there was a new speaker from a company called Boenicke (sp?) that uses the RAAL tweeter that was pretty awesome ($40K)..."
- Comment by "Arthurs", av123forum.com: "BTW Hugh, that Boenicke is really a great speaker... I will be jealous if you get those..." Hugh:"Agreed on the Boenicke... they are probably the best speaker I've heard to date..."
- tweek geek (scroll down about 60%)
- audionet.com
- hififorum.nu (scroll down about 70%)
- hififorum.nu (RMAF 08, scroll down about 70%)

more to come