Boenicke München High End 2019

Munich High End Show 2019


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Warsaw Audio Show 2018

photo: Courtesy of Dawid Grzyb,



“…Ganz wunderbar!” (ganz nach unten scrollen)


Swiss High End 2018

photo: Courtesy of Robert Grapetin

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Westdeutsche HiFi Tage 2018

“…wobei die Boenicke Darbietung für meinen Geschmack am besten war.

open-end-music (blog: Stephan)


Süddeutsche HiFi Tage 2018

“…Zudem klingen die beiden vorgestellten Pretiosen W5 und W11 einfach unverschämt gut…

hifi ifas
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“…Sven Boenicke hatte ein analoges Set-up mit der W11SE und ein digitales mit der kleinen W5SE aufgebaut. Entgegen meiner sonstigen Vorlieben gefiel mir der digitale Zweig mit der grossen kleinen Box diesmal etwas besser und faszinierte nicht nur mich mit seiner Raumanmutung und vokalen Präsenz.”

Christian Bayer, image hifi


Munich High End Show 2018

“…Werden Sven Boenickes Vorführungen von Messe zu Messe immer noch besser? 



Seine W13SE+ mit eigenem Vollverstärker und CAD Digitalelektronik rührte mich zu Tränen und zwar jedes Mal, wenn ich da war. Diese flirrende, wunderzarte Wiedergabe vereint sowohl Modernität und Humanität. Ich habe das Gefühl, Sven Boenicke hat einen Deal mit den Göttern; ich hoffe, er hält noch lange.”

Christian Bayer, image hifi

“…this kind of performance is something I’ll probably never have enough of…”

Hifi show report by Dawid Grzyb
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“Sven Boenicke is a tall smart-looking man with hair the color of sawdust and look of a dedicated woodworker. His catalog tagline says, “Boenicke—the honest company” and when I walked in the room my thoughts turned entirely to wood, its color, its texture, and its home & hearth effect on my subconscious. The bass-mid driver on the 35,971 Euro W13 loudspeakers has a wooden cone and a bottle cap-shaped wooden phase plug. The W13’s slender floor-standing cabinet features a rear-mounted brushed metal stabilizer, but underneath its rectangular base is a viscous platform that allows the W13 to move easily right to left and front to back; which actually lets the cabinet float—just slightly above the floor. The Boenicke Audio W13 is a three-way design with active bass and built-in amplifier with programmable DSP, adjustable volume, and four customer selectable presets.

The CAD (Computer Audio Design) non-oversampling 1543 Mk.II DAC (8950 Euros) is built around a dual 16-bit Philips TDA 1543 chip, which was released in the 1980s. The CAD DAC drove a prototype Boenicke E2 integrated amp, which in turn, drove the W13s in a most lively, all-natural, and articulate fashion. Instrumental color was extraordinary and bass was strong in a subtle, inconspicuous way. This system sounded even better than it looked.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile

Pursuit Perfect System youtube

“…The system threw a huge soundstage in all three dimensions…”

“BOENICKE… SWISS BRILLIANCE! Boenicke alongside a demonstration system had these gems sitting in the corner, showing how much work and effort has gone into the internal design of their loudspeakers. Its great to see in a world of technology, some clever thinking and planning. What a truly remarkable product!”
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“…My perceptions were shattered the moment I heard the sound, which was truly excellent…”
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“…His W13SE+ loudspeakers have always been a highlight of the show for me, however, this year they provided an even greater disappearing act…”

Clement Perry,
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Basel blickfang 2018


Norddeutsche HiFi Tage

“Man mag es nicht glauben, was diese kleinen Lautsprecher von Boenicke Audio können. Sie spielen hier an einem Verstärker derselben Marke und mit Röhren-Elektronik von New Audio Frontiers.”

HiFi Statement



„Holographische und realitätsnahe Performance: Die Lautsprecher W 5 von Boenicke Audio spielten trotz der nicht optimalen akustischen Eigenschaften eines leergeräumten Hotelzimmers wirklich gut.“


Warsaw Audio Show 2017

“Long story short, people were blown away…”

Hifi show report by Dawid Grzyb
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“It was one of the most surprising presentations – fabulous sound of micromonitors and amp by Boenicke, completed by Ayon Audio player. It sounded beautiful and natural, well balanced and extraordinary in terms of bass. And the latter one didn’t act like it was most important. Instead it was only (and so much important) the foundation for the so smooth midrange. A minimalistic high-end system including speakers which looked like masterpieces made by some lifestyle art designer. With sound as the perfect icing on a cake. What a beautiful combination.”

(Translation: Radek Pasternak)

“…Visit a Boenicke room and get ready to throw your floor-standers out of the window…”

“…the apartment dweller’s dream mini monitor…”

“Boenicke – another way to cheat the laws of physics and to achieve ‘big’ sound from microscopic, almost desktop-size speakers. As I entered this idea of sonic environment, beside wondering how those tiny boxes are able to generate that big (and good at the same time) sound, I always get the sort of feeling it might be little bit too much effort for them. I mean, it’s very good but just too much. Usually it’s all about too big a space to fill in a show. I don’t know why the distributor chose this particular way of demonstrating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if showing off these capabilities in that risky way returns in some serious business profits. Honestly, there’s always a lot to talk about Boenicke speakers in the lobby – and these opinions are generally very positive.”

(Translation: Radek Pasternak)

“In Krokus room there was (…) something made by an outstanding manufacturer. Something I really admire. Sven Boenicke himself was there, but we haven’t met unfortunately. But I had a chance to listen to very small monitors: Boenicke W5 SE. Were they properly matched for the room? Those W5 are so tiny you could put them on top of your desk. (…) In Krokus room there was one disadvantage however – too much booming. I mean, the sound itself was of excellent quality, but there was too much reverberation. However, the scale shown by that size of speakers was simply impressive. A classical huge format born from a small size. So much contrast and astonishment indeed, especially for those who don’t know the capabilities of this brand’s products yet. But let me admit – I liked the bigger ones in much bigger Golden Tulip room couple years ago even better.”

(Translation: Radek Pasternak)

“(…) Boenicke specialises in squeezing biggest possible sound from smallest possible speakers – so much Swiss precision. It’s their secret magic – these tiny bookshelf boxes were really able to fill the big room with flawless sound. Seems like it might be the ideal solution for those of us who praise quality and have limited living space at the same time – hard to find something better for one-room-studio type apartment. Also, the distributor has changed so instead of Living Sound you can listen to them in Nautilus shops now. They should be available in couple weeks.”
I’ve put Sven Boenicke right next to his speakers on purpose – as you get this reference point you can see how tiny the speakers are. Besides, is it really necessary to prove how big the room can be?

(Translation: Radek Pasternak)


Klangbilder Wien 2017

fairaudio show report

“…einfach zum Niederknien schön…”
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Swiss High End 2017

hifi pig show report


The Tokyo International Audio Show 2017


Westdeutsche HiFi – Tage 2017

i-fidelity show report

Foto: Holger Barske

“Sven Boenicke kann aus meiner Sicht einen Start-Ziel-Sieg verbuchen…”

Christian Bayer, image hifi show report 


Munich High End Show 2017

Hifi Pig Show Report (scroll down about 50%)


6moons Show Report


Lisboa Audio Show 2017


Korea EYEAR Show 2016


The hi-fi Show 2016, Old Windsor, England


Hong Kong High End Show 2016

Demo Video Audio Evidence

Demo Video Sven Boenicke


The Tokyo International Audio Show 2016


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

Stereophile show coverage


Munich High End 2016

The Ear show coverage

“Put together this was probably the most relaxed and easily enjoyed system of the show.”

Jason Kennedy, THE EAR



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Warsaw Audio Show 2014

6moons show coverage

“Those hesitant to believe that such small speakers could possibly play this room to full satisfaction have simply never heard a solid-wood Boenicke speaker before. This system did space, scale and depth like none other I came across.”

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons



“I’ve heard what people had to say about your room, and I guess it comes to you as no surprise that most of them were blown away. Mainly because of the small form factor (of W8)

Today I looked at what users wrote on forums and so on. The conclusion is that it was the most unexpected thing many of them heard this year. Things like „Sound of the AudioShow 2014” appeared as well. Additional and similar stuff should afloat in the following days…”

Dawid Grzyb, HiFi i Muzyka / Audio-Video show coverage

“Boenicke – Probably the biggest positive surprise of the show. Absolutely mind-blowing performance for such tiny speakers. One of my favorite rooms. If vocals that touch your very heart and soul are your thing, you would love these…” show coverage

“Some rooms in Golden Tulip are enormously big. It’s a rarity to hear really good sound there. But some little things from Switzerland surprised almost everyone. It was powerful, excellently driven sound, with high dynamics and lack of any colorations. I know that man from Boenicke was wandering all day in the room, in search of the best spot for his speakers. And he found it. Everything from that system performed in a way so rarely heard on audio shows.”

Wojtek Pacuła,